Microfluidic ChipShop Fluidic Interface Options

LabSmith instruction guide

This guide shows how to interface microfluidic ChipShop chips with various sizes of tubing and connectors. … Read more

Studying Microparticles on the ISS

LabSmith application note

A team from the University of Louisville will be using LabSmith uProcess microfluidic components and Microscopes to study microparticle suspension on the International Space Station (ISS). … Read more

Microfluidics education kit - LabSmith

Step-by-Step Microfluidics Education

LabSmith application note

LabSmith educational kit includes step-by-step instruction and support videos help students learn fluid routing, automation and scripting tasks. … Read more

Sensirion Flow Sensor Control with uProcess

LabSmith application note

This note shows how to use LabSmith uProcess components and software with a Sensirion flow sensor to develop a continuous-flow system with constant, set pressure. … Read more

Microfluidics -LabSmith Degassing a Microfluidic System

Degassing a Microfluidic System

LabSmith application note

Dissolved gas and trapped air bubbles in a microfluidic system can affect repeatability and stability. Degassing a fluid system is easy using a LabSmith Breadboard Reservoir or Chip Reservoir. … Read more

microfluidics and nanofluidics journal

Particle-based molecular separation

A particle-based microfluidic molecular separation integrating surface-enhanced Raman scattering sensing for purine derivatives analysis

Yi-Ying Wang, Ho-Wen Cheng, Kai-Wei Chang, Jessie Shiue, Juen-Kai Wang, Yuh-Lin Wang & Nien-Tsu Huang

A PMMS–SERS system enables sensitive analyte detection, with benefits for applications requiring bacteria identification and quantification. … Read more

Analyst journal of the Royal Society of Chemistry

LSPR sensor for multiplex inflammatory biomarker detection

Localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) sensor integrated automated microfluidic system for multiplex inflammatory biomarker detection

Jhih-Siang Chen, Pin-Fan Chen, Hana Tzu-Han Lina and Nien-Tsu Huang

A localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) sensor enables inflammatory biomarker detection, with benefits for immune status monitoring, and diagnosis of inflammatory diseases. … Read more

lab-on-a-chip journal, royal society of chemistry

Approaches for microfluidics use by non-experts in clinical settings

Clinical translation of microfluidic sensor devices: focus on calibration and analytical robustness

by Sally A. N. Gowers, Michelle L. Rogers, Marsilea A. Booth, Chi L. Leong, Isabelle C. Samper, Tonghathai Phairatana, Sharon L. Jewell, Clemens Pahl, Anthony J. Strong and Martyn G. Boutelle

Approaches to facilitate the use of microfluidics by non-experts in clinical settings outside of the laboratory, to guide physicians in real-time clinical decision-making. … Read more

Zero Dead-Volume Mixing with uProcess and Hummingbird Nano Chips

This application note describes how to set up a zero dead volume mixing process using LabSmith’s uProcess syringe pumps, valves, reservoirs and software, and Hummingbird Nano “X” style or “Y” style helical mixer chips. Download the Application Note here. Download the sample uProcess automation script here. … Read more

How to Make Leak-Free, Zero Dead-Volume Microfluidic Connections

CapTite™ fluid routing components provide leak-free connectivity, even at high pressures, for fluid circuits with 360μm capillary, 1/32″ and 1/16″ tubing. This application note describes how to make reliable, tight connections using LabSmith’s CapTite™ microfluidic connectors. View the related video here. … Read more

Lab-on-a-Chip Application: Microfab-less Microfluidics for a Portable Hybrid Microchip-Capillary Electrophoresis Device

Matthew T. Gordon and Carlos D. Garcia, University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX

Microfluidic devices, with their potential for portability and rapid analysis times, can bring cost-effective flexibility to modern analytical chemistry applications. However, the design and fabrication of microchips can involve trade-offs between cost, flexibility of configuration, and ideal surface properties or performance. To circumvent these drawbacks, we have developed a hybrid platform consisting of simple microfabricated … Read more

Applying Voltage to a Channel in a Microfluidic Chip

Platinum wire electrodes are commonly used to apply voltage to a fluidic channel. Although the approach is relatively simple, proper preparation of the electrode is very important to prevent field concentrations in the channels. Field concentrations can cause a multitude of problems, including bubble formation, cell lysing, localized heating, chemical reactions, and clogging of channels. … Read more

Lab-on-a-Chip Application: Circulating Tumor Cell Immuncapture Automation

Julia Wang, Erica D. Pratt, and Brian J. Kirby, Cornell University

The manipulation of biological samples for diagnostic purposes requires reproducibility and simplicity to be useful in practice. As microfluidic devices transition towards use in medical diagnostics, traditional handheld syringe pumps can be too bulky and laborious for medical procedures that require quick turnaround times. Here, we discuss the evaluation of a portable breadboard platform that … Read more

Making a Pinched Microfluidic Injection with the LabSmith LabPackage-Making a Microfluidic Injection on a Chip

Yolanda Fintschenko and Kirsten Pace LabSmith, Inc.

LabSmith’s LabPackage makes it easy to build, control and monitor simple and complex microfluidic manipulations. This experiment was designed to help you train your laboratory team and test competency on performing a pinched electrokinetic microfluidic injection techniques. It can also be used to test equipment, chips and reagents to ensure that they are working properly. … Read more

Isolation of prostate tumor initiating cells (TICs) through their dielectrophoretic signature

Alireza Salmanzadeh, Lina Romero, Hadi Shafiee, Roberto C. Gallo-Villanueva, Mark A. Stremler, Scott D. Cramer and Rafael V. Davalos

Salmanzadeh, A.; Romero, L. Shafiee, H.; Gallo-Villanueva, R.C.; Stremler, M.A.; Cramer, S.D.; Davalos, R.D.; Isolation of prostate tumor initiating cells (TICs) through their dielectrophoretic signature. Lab Chip, 2012,12, 182-189. Abstract In this study, the dielectrophoretic response of prostate tumor initiating cells (TICs) was investigated in a microfluidic system utilizing contactless dielectrophoresis (cDEP). The dielectrophoretic response … Read more

Autonomous Microfluidic Sample Preparation System for Protein Profile-Based Detection of Aerosolized Bacterial Cells and Spores

Jeanne C. Stachowiak,† Erin E. Shugard, Bruce P. Mosier, Ronald F. Renzi, Pamela F. Caton, Scott M. Ferko, James L. Van de Vreugde, Daniel D. Yee, Brent L. Haroldsen, and Victoria A. VanderNoot

  Abstract For domestic and military security, an autonomous system capable of continuously monitoring for airborne biothreat agents is necessary. At present, no system meets the requirements for size, speed, sensitivity, and selectivity to warn against and lead to the prevention of infection in field settings. We present a fully automated system for the detection … Read more

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