lab-on-a-chip journal, royal society of chemistry

Approaches for microfluidics use by non-experts in clinical settings

Clinical translation of microfluidic sensor devices: focus on calibration and analytical robustness

by Sally A. N. Gowers, Michelle L. Rogers, Marsilea A. Booth, Chi L. Leong, Isabelle C. Samper, Tonghathai Phairatana, Sharon L. Jewell, Clemens Pahl, Anthony J. Strong and Martyn G. Boutelle October 22, 2021

This paper discusses approaches to facilitate the use of microfluidics by non-experts in clinical settings outside of the laboratory. The researchers demonstrate a flexible microfluidic platform that can be coupled to microfluidic biosensors and used in conjunction with clinical microdialysis. The precision and control offered by this set-up enables the use of microfluidics by non-experts in clinical settings, increasing uptake and usage in real-world scenarios. We demonstrate how this type of system is helpful in guiding physicians in real-time clinical decision-making.


Application: Microfluidics Applications
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