Step-by-Step Simple Flow Setup and uProcess Automation

July 3, 2018

For over a decade, LabSmith has been making microfluidic tools used in top research labs around the world, and we are now making these tools available for high-school and undergraduate programs.

Our Microfluidics Education Toolkits will include a modular array of microfluidic control instruments and sensors, interactive software, and curriculum packages to help educators teach engineering skills along with real-world techniques in biology, chemistry, and microfluidics.

The toolkits will allow students to build an array of designs, from simple manually-operated flow-control experiments to fully-automated research-grade instruments, all on a classroom-sized budget. The interactive software and easy-to-follow instructions make getting started a snap, but also allow students to create devices beyond the textbook examples.

See our online assembly and automation guide here.


Application: Microfluidics Applications
Product: CapTite™ Connectors, uProcess Microfluidic Automation