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Step-by-Step Microfluidics Education

LabSmith application note February 11, 2022

For over a decade, LabSmith has been making microfluidic tools used in top research labs around the world. We now offer these same tools in an educational kit geared toward introductory college students. Step-by-step instruction and support videos help students accomplish fluid routing, automation and scripting tasks, to build a basic setup as well as more complex circuits:

  • basic microfluidic systems and principles
  • assembly of leak-free microfluidic circuits
  • fluid routing, switching and mixing
  • microfluidic chip functions and connections
  • automation of pumps and valves
  • scripting to control flows
  • calculation of Reynolds number
  • cleaning and reuse of components.
Microfluidics education kit from LabSmith - teach microfluidics, learn microfluidics

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