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General information on uProcess™ automated pumps, valves, and sensors.


How do I add a new interface?
This video will walk you through the procedure, and this is a comprehensive trouble-shooting guide.

How do I start using the uProcess Script Wizard?
This video will help you get started.


uProcess Software Version 2.041.  Updated: 1/20/20.

uProcess software is used for operation and control of LabSmith programmable syringe pumps, automated valves, pressure and temperature sensors, and temperature controllers.  uProcess also includes a plug-in for automated control of the LabSmith SVM340 microscope.

uProcess Version 2.0 includes significant updates to the uProcess software.  This new version includes script extensions to support math operations, re-formatted uProcess command structures based on customer feedback, and improved error warning messages.

uProcess version 2.025+ is required for use with the 4VM02 valve manifold and the AV801 8-port selector valve.

Automation scripts written using uProcess 1.4 will likely require changes to be used in uProcess 2.0.  See the uProcess User Manual addendum for information on upgrading scripts to uProcess 2.0, or download the new uProcess User Manual.


Drivers for the EIB200 can be downloaded here.


User’s Manual

uProcess User Manual 2.0

Please contact LabSmith if you have any questions regarding the software or firmware update.

LabVIEW Drivers

uProcess uDevice LabVIEW Drivers

LabVIEW drivers for LabSmith programmable syringe pumps, automated valves and pressure sensors.

Spec Sheets