Warranty, Repairs & Returns

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LabSmith Warranty Policy

Instrument Warranty

The following LabSmith products include a full one year warranty covering parts and labor. Extended warranties (up to 3 years) are available for purchase at the time of original equipment purchase.

  • HVS448 series voltage sequencers
  • HVC series high voltage cables and cable accessories
  • SVM340 and microscope accessories
  • LC880, LC220, and TT1680 logic controllers
  • uProcess instruments
    • EIB200
    • 4VM02
    • 4AM01
    • 4PM01
    • uEP01
    • uTS01
    • uPB-series breadboards
    • SPS01 syringe pump body (see below for syringe glass or plunger)
    • uTE02 thermal controller (base only, Peltier unit not covered by warranty)

Microfluidic Products (CapTite & wetted uProcess components) Limited Warranty

Microfluidic products are covered by a 6-month warranty for manufacturing defects only. Clogging or damage due to flowing unfiltered liquids or gasses, allowing solution to dry out in components, or the use of non-compatible chemicals is not covered by the warranty.

Examples of products covered by this limited warranty include: capillary and tubing, one-piece fittings, breadboard reservoirs, interconnects, bonded port connectors, manual valves and automated valve bodies, syringe glass and plungers

LabSmith cannot accept returns of products that have been used with Chemicals, biological, or radioactive material.

LabSmith 30-Day Return Policy

The following LabSmith products may be returned for a full refund (minus shipping charges) for any reason up to 30 days from purchase. No refund will be tendered if products are returned to LabSmith damaged due to improper packing, tampering or misuse.

  • HVS448 series instruments
  • SVM340 microscope and accessories
  • LC880, LC220, and LS640 logic controllers

Shipping Charges

Shipping charges for products under warranty are covered as follows:

        • To LabSmith: LabSmith customers are responsible for shipping the defective unit to LabSmith and for providing the appropriate export documentation, if required.
        • From LabSmith: Domestic (US) shipments – LabSmith is responsible for paying shipping charges via ground shipment. If the customer chooses a different service (next day, 2 day, 3 day, etc) it becomes customer responsibility. International shipments – customer is responsible for paying shipping charges, brokerage fees, taxes, customs, and duties incurred.Any physical damage due to the lack of proper packing or misuse of the unit will be charged to the customer and it is not covered under the warranty.

Instructions for returning items to LabSmith for repair

  1. Request an RMA number from LabSmith
  2. Pack the device in the original packing. If original packing is no longer available, use at least 1” of protective material(bubbles, foam, etc.) around all sides of the unit.
  3. For the HVS448: Remove the 50-OHM terminator from the back of the unit before shipping. Consult with LabSmith regarding whether any of the HVS accessories should be returned with the unit (i.e. power cable, RS232 cable, high voltage cables)
  4. For the SVM340: Remove the camera module and feet from the unit before packing. Consult with LabSmith regarding whether any of the SVM accessories should be returned with the unit. If a camera module is returned with the unit, remove the objective from the camera module and cover the optics hole with a piece of tape before shipping.
  5. Ship returns to:


LabSmith, Inc.

Attn: RMA #___________

5981 Graham Court

Livermore CA 94550


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