LabPackage Microfluidic - Nanofluidic

The affordable way to outfit an entire lab.

LabPackage combines all of LabSmith’s microfluidics products into one high-value bundle. LabPackage provides total control of fluid flow and electric fields, and reliable capture and imaging of transient phenomena. Now you can outfit an entire workstation for research, prototyping, product design, or education in one step—and at a 10% discount off individual pricing for all components.

If your work in life sciences, nanotechnology, chemistry, or engineering involves micro- or nano-fluidic volumes, LabPackage is an impressively economical and convenient way to equip your entire lab!

LabPackage Microfluidics Workstation

Easy-to-assemble fluid routing components

LabSmith’s reliable, affordable and inter-compatible products take the hassle and expense out of building microfluidic setups.

LabPackage includes an excellent assortment of fittings, interconnects, reservoirs, chips, and other components. These leak-free components go together quickly and can be reused again and again.

CapTite Microfluidic Components

Microfluidic automation

uProcess™ automation hardware and software simplifies construction of microfluidic systems. The LabPackage includes uProcess valves, syringe pumps, pressure and temperature sensors, and thermal control products to automate all aspects of your experiment, with easy-to-learn software to coordinate it all.

Microfluidics education kit from LabSmith - teach microfluidics, learn microfluidics

High voltage coordination

LabSmith makes controlling high voltage for experiments safe and easy. The HVS448 High Voltage Sequencer provides multiple, programmable, coordinated voltage sequencing channels for voltage supply, voltage sensing, current supply, and current sensing, all in a ground-breaking sequencing environment.


LabSmith HVS448 High Voltage Sequencer

Impressive image capture

LabSmith’s SVM340 Synchronized Video Microscope is a research-grade workhorse for microsystem research. Our groundbreaking video microscope includes the right features to capture elusive events and output impressive images and video.


New Particle Counting Probes  let you count and characterize particles in real-time, up to 5000 particles/frame. Characterize particles from sub-micron through hundreds of microns in diameter based on absorption, scattering, refraction or fluorescence. You can then use the results to monitor and control your experiment as it happens.

Incredible value for microfluidics research, prototyping, and education

LabSmith’s affordable, reliable suite of microfluidic products takes the hassle out of experimentation and product design. The LabPackage bundle represents the most value available for outfitting a workstation. The 10% discount off individual pricing for all components is even more reason to consider LabPackage for your lab!


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