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Feb 25
February 25, 2023 - March 1, 2023


LabPackage Microfluidic – Nanofluidic Workstation

December 2, 2022

The affordable way to outfit an entire lab.

LabPackage combines all of LabSmith’s microfluidics products into one high-value bundle. LabPackage provides total control of fluid flow and electric fields, and reliable capture and imaging of transient phenomena. Now you can outfit an entire workstation for research, prototyping, product design, or education in one step—and at ...

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New Microfluidics Education Kit

October 20, 2022

LabSmith has announced the release of its new Microfluidics Education Kit, which help students learn the fundamentals of constructing and automating microfluidic flows. “Educators from a number of major programs approached us with the need for an affordable way to teach microfluidics principles,” said Kirsten Pace, President of LabSmith. “The new kit’s components work together ... Read more


New application Note: Sensirion Flow Sensor Control

February 3, 2022

This application note shows how to use uProcess components and software with a Sensirion flow sensor to develop a continuous-flow system that maintains a constant, set pressure. Read more


LabSmith Gel Electrophoresis Products Featured by Biocompare

August 31, 2020

LabSmith’s uEP01-300 and uEP300-12 electrophoresis power supplies were recently featured in Biocompare’s article on innovative products for gel electrophoresis. Read the full “Mobilizing Gel Electrophoresis” article here .   Read more


Electrophoresis Starter Kit

March 5, 2020

This Kit includes everything you need to incorporate uEP01 Electrophoresis Power Modules into your electrophoresis or dielectrophoresis setup, to control voltage using uProcess software. The Electrophoresis Starter Kit include a 5% discount off individual component prices. NOTE: Accompanying image shows setup with Electrophoresis Starter Kit. Microfluidic chip is not included. The Kit includes two sets of cables (only one ... Read more