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Studying Microparticles on the ISS

A team from the University of Louisville will be using LabSmith uProcess microfluidic components and Microscopes to study microparticle suspension on the International Space Station (ISS).

Separation of Cells and Microparticles

ABSTRACT Presented here is the first continuous separation of microparticles and cells of similar characteristics employing linear and nonlinear electrokinetic phenomena in an insulator-based electrokinetic (iEK) system. By utilizing devices with insulating features, which distort the electric field distribution, it is possible to combine linear and nonlinear EK phenomena, resulting in highly effective separation schemes … Read more

Step-by-Step Microfluidics Education

LabSmith educational kit includes step-by-step instruction and support videos help students learn fluid routing, automation and scripting tasks.

Degassing a Microfluidic System

Dissolved gas and trapped air bubbles in a microfluidic system can affect repeatability and stability. Degassing a fluid system is easy using a LabSmith Breadboard Reservoir or Chip Reservoir.

Particle-based Molecular Separation

A PMMS–SERS system enables sensitive analyte detection, with benefits for applications requiring bacteria identification and quantification.

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