Studying Microparticles on the ISS

The International Space Station (ISS) is a unique test bed for research. One project that will benefit from the ISS microgravity is being developed by a team including Dr. Stuart Williams, Associate Professor at the JB Speed School of Engineering at the University of Louisville. The team will be studying methods to hold microparticles in … Read more

Step-by-Step Microfluidics Education

For over a decade, LabSmith has been making microfluidic tools used in top research labs around the world. We now offer these same tools in an educational kit geared toward introductory college students. Step-by-step instruction and support videos help students accomplish fluid routing, automation and scripting tasks, to build a basic setup as well as … Read more

Sensirion Flow Sensor Control with uProcess

This application note shows how to use uProcess components and software with a Sensirion flow sensor to develop a continuous-flow system that maintains a constant, set pressure. Download the Application Note here. Download the sample uProcess automation script here.

Degassing a Microfluidic System

Dissolved gas and trapped air bubbles in a microfluidic system can affect repeatability and stability. Degassing a fluid system is easy using a LabSmith Breadboard Reservoir or Chip Reservoir.

A particle-based microfluidic molecular separation integrating surface-enhanced Raman scattering sensing for purine derivatives analysis

A particle-based microfluidic molecular separation (PMMS) system was developed which integrates SERS substrate to separate complicate molecule mixture followed by in situ SERS detection. The platform consists of an automatic microfluidic control system to precisely control the sample and reagent flow. The miniaturized PMMS–SERS system enables an easy-to-use and sensitive analyte detection, which could be … Read more

Localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) sensor integrated automated microfluidic system for multiplex inflammatory biomarker detection

A localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) sensor enables continuous and dynamic inflammatory biomarker detection, we utilized  to perform label-free molecule sensing. The small LSPR sensing mechanism simplifies optical setup and can be easily integrated with a microfluidic device.  An automated microfluidic control system was developed to control reagent guiding and switching in the immunoassay with … Read more

Clinical translation of microfluidic sensor devices: focus on calibration and analytical robustness

This paper discusses approaches to facilitate the use of microfluidics by non-experts in clinical settings outside of the laboratory. The researchers demonstrate a flexible microfluidic platform that can be coupled to microfluidic biosensors and used in conjunction with clinical microdialysis. The precision and control offered by this set-up enables the use of microfluidics by non-experts … Read more

Gel Electrophoresis Temperature Regulation with the uProcess uEP01 Power Supply

Maintaining constant temperature for gel electrophoresis applications provides several key benefits over the typical method of maintaining constant power. This application note shows how to use LabSmith’s uProcess™ microfluidic automation software and the uEP01 Electrophoresis Power Module to maintain constant temperature. Download the Application Note here. Download the sample uProcess automation script here.

Zero Dead-Volume Mixing with uProcess and Hummingbird Nano Chips

This application note describes how to set up a zero dead volume mixing process using LabSmith’s uProcess syringe pumps, valves, reservoirs and software, and Hummingbird Nano “X” style or “Y” style helical mixer chips. Download the Application Note here. Download the sample uProcess automation script here.

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