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Education Kit

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Teach Microfluidics with Easy-to-Use Components and Automation

LabSmith’s microfluidics education kit helps students learn the fundamentals of constructing and automating microfluidic flows.


The kit is geared toward introductory college students and includes instruction for co-mixing experiment, patterned flow, and gradient flow, with endless variations as kit components are fully reusable.

1 to 4 students can participate with each kit. No previous microfluidics or programming experience is required. Step-by-step instruction and support videos help students accomplish fluid routing, automation and scripting tasks, to build a basic setup as well as more complex circuits.

Students will learn:

  • basic microfluidic systems and principles
  • assembly of leak-free microfluidic circuits
  • fluid routing, switching and mixing
  • microfluidic chip functions and connections
  • automation of pumps and valves
  • scripting to control flows
  • calculation of Reynolds number
  • cleaning and reuse of components.

Kit contents

Product Name Qty Product Number
Electronic interface controller with uProcess software 1 EIB200
4-channel valve manifold 1 4VM02
3-port, 2-position automated valve 2 AV201-T116
Automated syringe pumps with glass and plunger 2 SPS01-080-T116
Pearl chain microfluidic mixing chip 1 10001975
uProcess breadboard 1 uPB-05
1-mL breadboard reservoir 2 BBRES-T116-1ML
5-mL breadboard reservoir 1 BBRES-T116-5ML
One-piece fittings 16 T116-100
One-piece plugs 7 T116-101
Tubing, 1/16” outside diameter FEP tubing 1m TUBE-116-030F
Luer tip manual syringe 1 LS_SYRINGE_LT
Luer Lock manual syringe 1 LS_SYRINGE_LL
Luer Lock adapter 1 T116-300A
Also includes custom chip holder, chip connectors and plugs, liquid dispense bottles, waste cups, mounting screws, screwdriver, and hex wrench.
Detailed assembly instructions and support documentation

Typically ships within 1 week.

Product Resources

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