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MicroTAS 2021, Booth 12

October 10 - October 14  



LabSmith AV202 Four Port, Two-Position Automated Valves

November 24, 2012

LabSmith’s  AV202 automated four ports, two-position valves have the same compact  footprint  and packaging as the AV201-C360 three port valves. The four port valves allow for simultaneous operation of two syringe pumps, one in fill mode and one in dispense, for the uninterrupted delivery of solution during low flow rate, long term, 1-10 milliliter total ... Read more


LabSmith Automated Valves Speed Construction of Micro/Nano-fluidic Experimental Setups

September 28, 2011

LabSmith, Inc., developer of tools for science, has added automated valves to its uProcess family of hardware and software products for automated microfluidic and nanofluidic experimentation. LabSmith’s AV201 automated, 2-position valves provide programmable control over fluid routing in a fraction of the footprint required by most valves. AV201 valves provide “L” pattern flow routing at ... Read more