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SVM340 Synchronized Video Microscope

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The SVM340 is a research-grade, inverted fluorescence video microscope for microfluidics and microbiology. The SVM340 microscope excels precisely where it counts: getting high-quality experimental data onto a hard drive. Extensive filter, camera, illumination and objectives options let you tailor the system for your research. Motorized traverse and focus, and software-configurable image-based “soft triggers” make the SVM340 perfect for µTAS prototypes and miniature process automation.

New Particle Counting Probes for the SVM340 let you count and characterize particles in real-time, at up to 5000 particles/frame. Characterize particles from sub-micron through hundreds of microns in diameter based on absorption, scattering, refraction or fluorescence. What’s more, you can use the results to monitor and control your experiment as it happens. Applications include real-time sensor for microfluidic particle sorters and manipulators, step-and-scan culture characterization, powder particle size and shape quantitation, etc.

Base model includes one optics module (additional Optics Modules can be purchased separately):

  • 5 MP Black and White
  • 5 MP Color

Also included:

  • 10X DIN objective (4X and 20X objectives can be purchased separately)
  • Synchronous 4-channel illuminator
  • Bottom-up viewing and illumination
  • Motionless stage for unperturbed microsystems
  • Auto focus
  • Auto-acquisition with multiple triggering modes
  • Real time particle count and intensity measurement probes
  • Time lapse capability
  • Lossless recording to disk with post-save and instant replay
  • Particle Image Velocimetry probes

The SVM340 is compact (just 21 cm wide x 27 cm long x 9 cm tall) but scans up to 75 mm x 50 mm. With its small size, and costing thousands of dollars less than competing systems, the SVM340 is the ideal tool for micro-and nano-system research.

Typically ships within 4-5 weeks

Product Resources

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