New Microfluidics Education Kit

LabSmith has announced the release of its new Microfluidics Education Kit, which help students learn the fundamentals of constructing and automating microfluidic flows.

“Educators from a number of major programs approached us with the need for an affordable way to teach microfluidics principles,” said Kirsten Pace, President of LabSmith. “The new kit’s components work together seamlessly so students can focus on learning, rather than struggling with incompatible hardware. It’s a great way to introduce microfluidics basics that doesn’t require previous microfluidics or programming experience.”

The LabSmith education kit includes breadboard-based microfluidic valves, pumps, chips, reservoirs, fittings, capillary, and scripting software. Students can build an array of designs, from manual flow-control to fully automated circuits. Step-by-step instructions and support videos help students accomplish the tasks of building a basic setup and more complex circuits. Since the components are reusable, students can also experiment with their own system designs.

Microfluidics education kit from LabSmith - teach microfluidics, learn microfluidics

LabSmith Education Kit helps teach basic principles of microfluidics such as fluid routing, switching, and mixing. 


The Education Kit is part of LabSmith’s line of microfluidics kits for general construction and specialized research. “Our kits support microfluidics education, research, and product development,” said Pace. “They provide an economical platform for learning, prototyping, and product design.”

Read more about the Microfluidics Education Kit.

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