Multi-Reagent Starter Kit

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Create multifluidic circuits with up to 8 individual reagents and/or fluids, incorporating uProcess automated microfluidic valves.

Kit includes a AV801 (9-port, 8-position) valve and AV201 (3-port, 2-position) valve, as well as an SPS-01 automated syringe pump, uProcess software, fluid routing components and breadboard for easy construction.

The standard kit includes 5mL breadboard reservoirs. 1mL reservoirs (shown in image) can be substituted for additional cost (contact LabSmith for details).

5% off the cost of purchasing individual components.

Description Qty uProcess-C360-KIT
for 360µm Capillary
for 1/32″ Tubing
for 1/16″ Tubing
Electronic interface controller with uProcess software 1 EIB200 EIB200 EIB200
3-port, 2-position automated valve 1 AV201-C360 AV201-T132 AV201-T116
9-port, 8-position automated valve 1 AV801-C360 AV801-T132 AV801-T116
4-channel valve manifold 1 4VM02
Syringe pump with syringe glass and plunger set



Tool set for changing syringe glass/plunger 1 SPS-TOOLS
uProcess breadboard with 8 device connections 1 uPB-08
Mounting tools and hardware set for uPB-08 1 BB-TOOLS
One-Piece fitting 25 C360-100 T132-100 T116-100
One-piece plug 20 C360-101 C360-101 T116-101
5 mL breadboard reservoir  8 BBRES-C360-5ML BBRES-T132-5ML BBRES-T116-5ML
PEEK capillary or tubing (meters) 1m CAP360-150P TUBE132-010P TUBE116-030P

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