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360um OD Capillary Tubing

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360um [0.014″] OD capillary tubing, 1 m length. 

Available sizes and materials:

 Part Number

OD ID Material
CAP360-150P 360 um 150 um PEEK
CAP360-100S 360 um 100 um Fused Silica
CAP360-150S 360 um 150 um Fused Silica
CAP360-250S 360 um 250 um Fused Silica







NOTE: The fused silica capillary is externally coated with polyimide to provide abrasion resistance and maintain product strength. 

To cut the PEEK capillary or tubing we recommend using a sharp blade such as a razor blade or X-Acto knife.

To cleave fused-silica capillary tubing with the ceramic cleaving stone (LS-CUTTER):

  • Place the capillary tubing on a clean, flat surface. If possible, apply slight linear tension to keep it taut.
  • Holding the cleaving stone at an approximate 30° angle to the tubing, draw the non-serrated edge of the cleaving stone across the tubing. Apply just enough pressure to penetrate the polyimide coating.
  • Pull the tubing axially until it breaks. If it won’t break, the polyimide coating has not been fully penetrated. Repeat the above steps, pressing down with slightly more force while drawing the cleaving stone across the tubing.
  • Once cleaved, inspect the end finish to ensure the cleave quality meets the application requirements.