Microfluidic Products For Fast Connection, Flow Control and Automation

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LabSmith’s reliable, affordable and inter-compatible products take the hassle and expense out of building microfluidic setups. Leak-free components go together quickly and can be reused again and again. Automated devices manage flow, pressure, temperature and high voltage, with easy-to-learn software coordinating it all. And, our groundbreaking video microscopes include the right features to capture elusive events and output impressive images and video.

LabSmith microfluidics components and kits help researchers to quickly create experimental circuits, so they can focus on what matters: science. Our components also help companies to develop analytic systems, reducing development cost.

Microfluidic Components

CapTite Microfluidic Components

CapTite™ fluid routing components provide leak-free connectivity, for experimentation and OEM applications

Microfluidic Automation

LabSmith Microfluidic Flow and Automation Products

uProcess™ hardware automates fluid flow, voltage, pressure, temperature, and imaging

Microfluidic Chips & Accessories

Microfluidic Chips

LabSmith is the US distributor for Microfluidic ChipShop chips

Microfluidic Kits

microfluidic kits

Construction kits with everything you need to build manual and automated microfluidic circuits—affordably

Tubing & Capillary

Microfluidic Capillary and Tubing - LabSmith

Capillary and tubing to construct microfluidic circuits

Voltage Control

LabSmith High Voltage Control Products

High-voltage sequencers and breadboard mounted supplies for electrophoresis, MEMS, and lab-on-a-chip research


LabSmith Synchronized Video Microscopes

Research-grade, inverted fluorescence video microscope for microfluidics and microbiology


LabPackage Microfluidics Workstation

Everything you need to outfit a microfluidics lab, including fluid routing, automation, voltage control, and image capture

Reliable fluid routing fittings and fixtures

LabSmith’s breadboard-mounted interconnects, reservoirs, pumps and valves make it easy to build microfluidic and nanofluidic setups. Then, take them apart and reuse the components, time and time again. It’s the easy, affordable way to experiment, prototype, or design analytic devices.

CapTite™ reusable components provide worry-free fluid routing and long life over multiple runs—even at high pressures. Use CapTite fittings to construct fluid circuits with 360μm capillary, 1/32” & 1/16” tubing. All components are designed for low dead volumes, easy cleaning, and long life over multiple runs.

CapTite Microfluidic Components

Coordinated automation, sensors and software

LabSmith’s uProcess™ system is a groundbreaking platform for automating microfluidic flows. Coordinate valves, pumps, sensors, voltage supplies and other components for fast, straightforward automation—at a small fraction of the cost of custom, single-use components.

microfluidics, microfluidic setup for pressurized dispensing of multiple reagents, with 9-port automated valve, 3-port automated valve, and automated syringe pump

uProcess software coordinates and automates microfluidic systems. Use uProcess’s simple scripting to integrate dozens of devices into simple or complex microfluidic systems— without laboring over custom code.

uProcess is the only system that coordinates all aspects of your experiment, including flow, pressure, temperature and voltage. You can even integrate uProcess with our SVM microscopes to trigger video capture of events based on live circuit parameters.

LabSmith Microfluidic Flow and Automation Products

Microfluidic chips and accessories

LabSmith is the US distributor for microfluidic chips and accessories from Microfluidic ChipShop. Whether you need one unique chip for a prototype system, or dozens of standard chips for ongoing research, LabSmith has what you need, in stock, and a quick delivery away—as well as the world-to-chip components to connect them to your microfluidics circuits.

Microfluidic Chips

Impressive, affordable microscopy for microfluidics

The SVM is a research-grade, inverted fluorescence video microscope for microfluidics and microbiology. This unique, highly versatile microscope excels precisely where it counts: acquiring high-quality experimental data and images, quickly.

The inverted design with motorized traverse ensures that biological systems remain unperturbed. Image-based “soft triggers” make the SVM perfect for µTAS prototypes and miniature process automation. An extensive array of filter, camera, illumination, objective and analysis options let you tailor the system for your research.

The SVM includes imaging software with an impressive feature set. Particle Counting Probes let you count and characterize particles in real-time, at up to 5000 particles per frame, based on absorption, scattering, refraction or fluorescence.

Agile, high voltage power supplies

LabSmith’s fully-programmable high voltage power supplies support a wide range of electrically driven flow applications. Eight-channel HVS High Voltage Sequencers let you apply up to 8000V and rapidly switch channels through different modes and settings based on real-time calculations, measurements, or programmed sequences. With innovative voltage/current supply and sensing, in a ground-breaking sequencing environment, the HVS448 integrates your entire experiment, simply and safely.

Our compact, 300V uEP modules provide precision voltage, current or power control, ideal for electrophoresis and gel electrophoresis setups. The uEP is controlled with our uProcess software. It can function as a standalone power supply, or it can be used in conjunction with uProcess sensors for constant pressure or temperature modes.

LabSmith High Voltage Control Products

Complete kits make microfluidics affordable

A complete microfluidics lab in one affordable kit

Outfitting a lab, or setting up an education lab? The LabPackage is a complete system for micro- and nano-fluidics experimentation, from controlling fluid flow and electric fields to capturing and imaging transient phenomena. 

LabPackage Microfluidics Workstation

Count on LabSmith

LabSmith has been at the vanguard of microfluidics for almost 20 years. We back our unique products with accessible support, regular updates, and new features based on our customers’ needs. Call today to learn more about LabSmith’s Tools for Science.

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