uProcess Automated 4-port Cross Valve AV2X2

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Two-position, four-port automated valve for interface with 1/16” OD tubing (AV2X2-T116).

The AV2X2 cross valve is part of LabSmith’s uProcess platform, which simplifies construction and control of microfluidic systems. Automated uProcess components include syringe pumps, temperature and pressure sensors, selector valves, temperature controllers and more. Microsoft Windows®-based uProcess software provides straightforward control of all devices. Use uProcess to generate automated scripts to control both simple setups or complex lab automation.

LabSmith’s AV2X2 valves are constructed with Vespel® as the wetted material*, for use with a wide variety of chemicals.

Requires a 4VM02 valve manifold and EIB200 interface controller for communicating with PC. Connects to capillary via CapTite one-piece fittings (not included).

* Selected valves are available with PCTFE Kel-F® as the wetted material. Contact LabSmith for pricing and availability.

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