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Thermal Control Starter Kit

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The Thermal Control Starter Kit lets you precisely heat and cool their micro-system using the uProcess software.  The uThermal products interface with the rest of the LabSmith uProcess™ product line, which includes syringe pumps, automated valves, pressure sensors and connectors for complete microfludic control. The kit includes a 5% discount off individual component prices.

The uProcess™ product line is a modular breadboard platform for researchers to create and control microfluidic circuits, prototypes and platforms. uProcess™ software lets you program sequences of syringe pump actuations.

Description Qty uThermal-PKG
uTE thermal electric Peltier module (select 2). Includes conductive tape. 2



uTS temperature sensor 2 uTS01-STD-20
4 channel power manifold  1 4PM01
4 channel analog sensor manifold  1 4AM01
uProcess USB interface controller with software  1 EIB200 
uProcess breadboard with 5 device connections 1 uPB-05
Peltier heat sink (select 2) 2



Mounting and installation accessories  1 ea.

uTE and uTS mounting screws, LS-TORX

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