Cross-Channel Chip with Fluid Interface Threaded for CapTite™ Connectors

Save time and money using the new PMMA microfluidic ChipShop cross-channel microfluidic chip with a threaded fluidic interface that connects directly to LabSmith CapTite™ connectors! No need to purchase or glue bonded port connectors – just begin connecting the chip to your experiment. Use with LabSmith CapTite™  C360-100 one-piece fittings to connect 360 µm o.d. tubing for hydrodynamic lab-on-a-chip experiments. Use with LabSmith CapTite™  C360-405R on-chip reservoirs for electrokinetic experiments OR with LabSmith luer-taper disposable syringes (LS-SYRINGE)  for manual syringe connections.

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