Miniature Liquid Chromatography System

LabSmith Valves Help Trajan Develop Miniature Liquid Chromatography System

Trajan Scientific and Medical August 1, 2019

Trajan Scientific and Medical has announced the development of a miniature liquid chromatography system for online reaction monitoring. Trajan’s MAST (Modular Analytical Separation Technology) relies on LabSmith’s AV201 3-port and AV801 9-port microfluidic selector valves, and AV303 6-port injector valves to help it meet the following design criteria:

• design optimized for performance and low cost
• small footprint and portability
• configurable for isocratic and gradient separations, dilution/derivatization of samples and automated sampling
• suitability to pass tests required by the US Pharmacopeia.

Read more about the application at Trajan’s website here.


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