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USB Syringe Pumps, Valves, and Sensors

By sarah on December 8, 2014.

EIB200_breadboardControlling pumps, valves or sensors? No more RS232-USB adapters required! LabSmith now offers its uProcess™ interface with USB communication. The new electronic interface board (EIB200) controls over 100 uDevices for sequential operation and up to 10 uDevices for simultaneous operation. Priced the same as the original EIB100 (RS232 connection) it includes uProcess software, power supply, micro USB 2.0 cable, and flat ribbon connection cable. The EIB200 is compatible with uProcess Software versions 1.24.4 and later. Click here for more information or to purchase.

Now Connect LabSmith Syringe Pumps Directly to 1/32″ Tubing

By sarah on April 17, 2014.

No more adapters! Connect 1/32″ o.d. tubing directly to the SPS01 syringe pump using a T132-100 one-piece fitting. Available for syringe glass volumes of 20 microliters and 100 microliters.

Reliable Delivery, Remarkable Size

Only 100 mm long, the SPS01 syringe pump (Figure 3) uses a fraction of the space and power required by other syringe pumps. The SPS01 delivers volumes from 5 to 100 μl, with resolution as low as 8 nl.

Low Dead Volume, Easy Cleaning

The SPS01’s unique syringe glass design directly connects to 360 µm OD capillary and 1/16” OD tubing via LabSmith’s CapTite connector for very low dead volumes. The Delrin® housing allows syringes to be easily removed and replaced, so a single pump can provide a wide range of volumes. All wetted surfaces can be easily removed for sterilization and autoclaving.

Coordinated Fluid Delivery

LabSmith SPS01 syringe pumps are fully programmable for coordinated fluid delivery and sequencing. An Electronic Interface Board (EIB) is required for operation; a single EIB can simultaneously control up to 10 uDevices (valves and syringe pumps), or can control many more sequentially.

Included uProcess™ software makes it easy to create programs to operate syringes and valves and pressure sensors.


Pressure Sensors for uProcess Automated Fluid Circuit Platform Now Available

By sarah on June 27, 2013.

LabSmith  now has the  uPS-series pressure sensors to our line of uProcess™ uDevices. The uPS pressure sensor is ideal for accurate low-dead volume pressure monitoring and control of microfluidic systems. The sensors are offered in three pressure ranges and two sizes. They can be installed in any LabSmith CapTite™ fitting.

The uPS series pressure sensors are one component controled by  the  uProcess™ system for hydrodynamic fluid control.  The  uProcess™platform is comprised of hardware (uDevices) and software (uProcess) products that simplify construction and automate control of microfluidic systems. Other uDevices offered by LabSmith include the SPS01 syringe pump and automated valves.

Cross-Channel Chip with Fluid Interface Threaded for CapTite™ Connectors

By sarah on March 12, 2013.

Save time and money using the new PMMA microfluidic ChipShop cross-channel microfluidic chip with a threaded fluidic interface that connects directly to LabSmith CapTite™ connectors! No need to purchase or glue bonded port connectors – just begin connecting the chip to your experiment. Use with LabSmith CapTite™  C360-100 one-piece fittings to connect 360 µm o.d. tubing for hydrodynamic lab-on-a-chip experiments. Use with LabSmith CapTite™  C360-405R on-chip reservoirs for electrokinetic experiments OR with LabSmith luer-taper disposable syringes (LS-SYRINGE)  for manual syringe connections.