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Pressure Sensors for uProcess Automated Fluid Circuit Platform Now Available

June 27, 2013

LabSmith  now has the   uPS-series pressure sensors to our line of uProcess™ uDevices. The uPS pressure sensor is ideal for accurate low-dead volume pressure monitoring and control of microfluidic systems. The sensors are offered in three pressure ranges and two sizes. They can be installed in any LabSmith CapTite™ fitting.

The uPS series pressure sensors ...

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Cross-Channel Chip with Fluid Interface Threaded for CapTite™ Connectors

March 12, 2013

Save time and money using the new PMMA microfluidic ChipShop cross-channel microfluidic chip with a threaded fluidic interface that connects directly to LabSmith CapTite™ connectors! No need to purchase or glue bonded port connectors – just begin connecting the chip to your experiment. Use with LabSmith CapTite™  C360-100 one-piece fittings to connect 360 µm o.d. tubing for ... Read more


LabSmith Automated Valves Speed Construction of Micro/Nano-fluidic Experimental Setups

September 28, 2011

LabSmith, Inc., developer of tools for science, has added automated valves to its uProcess family of hardware and software products for automated microfluidic and nanofluidic experimentation. LabSmith’s AV201 automated, 2-position valves provide programmable control over fluid routing in a fraction of the footprint required by most valves. AV201 valves provide “L” pattern flow routing at ... Read more

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