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uEP300-12 Power Supply for Electrophoresis and Gel Electrophoresis


12-channel Precision High-Voltage Supply for Electrophoresis and Gel Electrophoresis

The uEP300-12 is a twelve-channel, fully programmable power supply for control of electrophoresis and gel electrophoresis setups. Each channel can provide constant voltage to 300 V, constant current to 0.25 A, or constant power to 15 W (max 180 W all channels).

The uEP300-12 is part of LabSmith’s uProcess™ automation platform, which includes hardware devices and uProcess software for constructing, coordinating and automating microfluidic systems. The uProcess software (included with the uEP300-12) lets you control and integrate the instrument into complete systems. You can also use the uEP300-12 in conjunction with uProcess pressure sensors and temperature sensors for constant pressure or temperature modes.

The uEP300-12 is also available uncased for OEM applications. Contact LabSmith for more details.

Specifications Maximum Minimum Step Size
Channels 12 individually controllable channels
Output Voltage 300 V/channel 10 mV
Output Current 0.25 A/channel 10 uA
Output Power 15 W/channel (180 W max all channels)
Dimensions 35.6 cm x 10.2 cm x 9 cm (14” x 4.0” x 3.5”);  2.3 kg (5 lb)
Optional Cables and Clips
The A-EHVC12 high-voltage interface cable set (sold separately) includes 12 black and 12 red cables, all 60″ (150 cm) long, with friction fit terminals. The A-MC2-01 micro clips can be used with the A-EHVC12 cables. Electrodes are sold separately.


Need just one or two channels? The uEP01-300 is a modular version of the uEP300-12 channel. The uEP01 is available as part of LabSmith’s uProcess product line and is also available in OEM configurations.

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