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2-Channel Experimental Timing Controller LC220

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The two channel LC220 integrates and synchronizes complex physical experiments. Featuring logic-based triggering and timing modes unavailable in any other system, the LC220 is a smarter digital delay generator, for authoritative control over lasers and test apparatus.

The LC220 combines ground-breaking software with a compact, programmable hardware controller. The two-channel controller can be programmed from a PC, then operated in stand-alone mode for benchtop or embedded operation. Its outputs allow control over flash lamps and Q-switches, shutters, flow controllers, etc. External feedback to its inputs can be used to synchronize triggering of uncertain events, such as the motion of high-speed machinery.

  • Two channels function as digital delays, timers, clocks and more
  • 5 ns resolution and 100 ps accuracy
  • Unique logic, gating and filtering
  • Windows- or LabView-based programming and operation
  • Field-updatable software and firmware

LabSmith’s Trig220 experiment design software makes it easy to build simple or sophisticated control schemes. Each channel can operate as a traditional clock, digital delay, delayed trigger, or counter. Additional timing modes offer functionality not available in any other product, including Dynamic Delay for capturing elusive events, and Noise Suppression for reliable triggering in sub-optimal environments. Drift Compensation mode offers automatic, closed loop timing compensation for maintaining extremely high laser accuracy, run after run.

The LC220 provides unique control for applications in laser diagnostics, materials science, gas dynamics, combustion, radar simulation, and many other applications. Outperforming a rack-full of typical timing gear and available for under $2000, the LC220 represents an outstanding value for high-resolution laser-based research.


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