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16 -Channel Experimental Timing Controller TT1680

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LabSmith’s TT1680 coordinates the timing and synchronization of the most demanding applications. With 16 inputs, 16 timing processors, two logic stages and eight outputs, the TT1680 outperforms a rack full of digital delay generators, gates, timers, filters and cables.

  • Complete toolkit for timing and triggering experiments
  • 16 channels of digital delays, timers, clocks and more
  • Sophisticated logic, gating and filtering
  • Windows- or LabView-based programming and operation
  • 10ns resolution and 100ps accuracy
  • Field-updatable software and firmware

The TT1680 consists of both ground-breaking software and a programmable hardware controller. Trigger experimental design software makes it easy to create sophisticated control schemes from a PC, with a built-in compiler that can accept C-style assignments and operations.

The TT1680 hardware controller can function as part of a computer-based control system using Trigger or LabView, or it can operate in stand-alone mode. With the TT1680 linked to your computer, you’ll quickly program, refine and expand experiments. Using stand-alone mode, you can store and recall up to 64 complete settings, then trigger and monitor an experiment from the TT1680 front panel. You’ll have the flexibility to design experiments offline, then to embed the controller in your test environment for set-and-forget operation.

With a single TT1680 you can synchronize all experimental hardware. Each of the sixteen logic channels can operate as a clock, digital delay, delayed trigger, counter, and more, all with 10 ns resolution and programmable trigger logic.

The TT1680 also brings you functions that are simply not available elsewhere. “Dynamic delay triggering” lets you reliably capture elusive phenomena, basing its delay time on a real-time measurement. This unique mode lets you control uncertain timing situations, such as synchronizing a flash to a passing projectile, or timing the spark in a cyclic combustion system. “False-Trigger Suppression” mode helps tame noisy signals and prevents unwanted triggering in sub-optimal environments. “Drift Compensation” mode offers automatic, closed loop timing compensation for maintaining extremely high laser accuracy, run after run.

The TT1680 goes far beyond the functions of a digital delay generator, pulse generator, logic delay or logic controller, integrating all of these functions and more in a single unit.


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