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Software Upgrade for Automated uProcess and SVM340 Control

By sarah on October 23, 2015.

LabSmith has an innovative new automation software package that makes it easy to use real-time microscope imagery to control flow automatically. Our latest uProcess software includes a plug-in for automated control of the SVM340. Now you can write sequences to control SVM340 stage position, illumination, snapshots, and videos. When used in combination with the uProcess automated fluid handling devices (syringe pumps, valves, and pressure sensors), the new software provides complete experiment and imaging control.  The uProcess software update is FREE to all SVM340 and uProcess customers.



Click here to download the new uProcess Software. Instructions for using controlling the SVM340 in uProcess are given in Section 6 of the new uProcess user’s manual.



Release of New Version of Sequence Software for the HVS448 High Voltage Sequencer

By sarah on May 20, 2013.

A new version of Sequence software is now available.  The software and firmware update includes changes that dramatically improve stability, accuracy, and speed of the voltage regulation, improve the accuracy of current measurements and decrease noise on current regulation.

The new features of Sequence V. 1.156 include the following:

  1. Substantially better accuracy and hardware compensation in current measurements (>256x);
  2. Better accuracy and stability for constant current  operation, particularly at micro- and nano-ampere levels;
  3. Dramatically improved voltage-regulation stability at low voltages and loads;
  4. Stable closed-loop voltage regulation at zero load down to +/- 20 V typically and stable passive (open-digital-loop) regulation at 0 V, typically;
  5. 256x improvement in passive (open-digital-loop) regulation accuracy (0.1 V, typical); and
  6. Reduced voltage settling time and improved waveform-generation capabilities.

These features are useful  for more precise constant-current and low-current operation, low voltage operation, and output noise performance across the operating envelope. You can follow this link to download the software and supporting information:

A result of the improvement is a change in the front-panel LED indicators compared to previous software versions. A table showing you should expect to see with the new version is also available at .