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Hydrodynamic Focusing using Integrated Modular Pumps, Valves, Connectors & Imaging

By Yolanda Fintschenko and Kirsten Pace LabSmith, Inc. on July 4, 2012.

Hydrodynamic focusing capitalizes on the inherent advantages of the flow physics of a microfluidic system to overcome functional challenges encountered in microfluidic conditions such as mixing and the delivery of particles such as cells for counting. Hydrodynamic focusing requires reproducible flow rates, valving, and automated control of pumps and valves to direct the processes on chip, as well as process visualization including tools such as micro particle image velocimetry. LabSmith’s unique combined technology of uProcess™ automated syringe pumps and valves, integrated breadboard (iBB), fluid reservoirs, CapTite microfluidic microconnectors™, and the SVM340 synchronized video microscope with uScope™ software meet the requirements to study and control hydrodynamic focusing on-a-chip for diverse applications.