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SVM340 Synchronized Video Microscope

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Can I incorporate active microsystems for viewing with the SVM?
Yes. LabSmith’s bonded-port connectors let you join microsystems to chips or slides for viewing in the SVM. View a document describing how to attach a bonded port connector to a glass slide.

Does the SVM include software for image processing?
The uScope software, which comes with the SVM, includes some real-time image processing, such as Intensity Over a Region, and PIV. These measurements can be saved to disk and analyzed later.

Can I use PIV probes with the SVM?
Yes. The included uScope software lets you place multiple probes in the flow and control their individual settings. Here is a document explaining their use.

How do I image my micro-channels in color?
  1. Ensure that you have a color camera module installed (check the label on the front of the camera module). The SVM340 comes standard with a B&W camera module. Additional camera modules can be purchased from LabSmith.
  2. Verify that the color format is set to RGB by choosing Video>Color format>24 bit RGB.
  3. Choose View>Video Options>Analog settings… and set the saturation to 100% of scale.
  4. Ensure that there is enough signal light for the camera to work in color mode. At low light levels, the camera reverts to black and white to reduce noise. Turn up the illuminator intensity to full scale to check.
  5. To verify that the camera is, in fact, in a color mode, shine a white light on the top to flood illuminate your sample and check whether the output is in color. You might also place a color picture from, say, a magazine on the sample stage and check for color output.

Which video card should I use with my SVM340?

For a laptop: USB video card we recommend is the StarTech USB 2.0 Composite and S-Video Capture Cable (either SVID2USB2NS or SVID2USB2).For a desktop computer: we recommend the Hauppauge Internal HDTV Card (WinTV-HVR-1150).The USB video card is included with your SVM340 purchase. Additional units can be purchased from LabSmith or from many electronics retailers.

Can you recommend a USB-to-RS232 adapter for use with the SVM340?
We recommend and sell the Plugable USB to RS-232 DB9 Serial Adapter (Prolific PL2303HX Chipset) from Plugable Technologies. It is compatible with older versions of Windows, as well as Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit.

What functionality do I gain with the Software Developers’ Kit?
The SDK allows you to move the stage and change illuminator settings automatically. Contact LabSmith with questions.


uScope V2.008

uScope software is a complete solution for hands-off control of the SVM340, video recording and real-time video image processing and metrology. The full functionality of this software, including image processing, is currently unlocked only when an SVM340 is detected. If you do not own an SVM340 you may contact LabSmith to request a software license or trial with all capabilities unlocked.

uScope versions 2.0+ include several new features, including autofocus, zoom capability, and real-time particle counting probes.

User’s Manual

SVM340 User Manual

LabView Drivers

SVM340 LabView Driver

This driver allows you to control SVM340 functions through National Instruments’ LabView software. Download the file, then copy it into your LabView VI library directory.

Software Developer’s Kit

To obtain the SVM software developer’s kit (C, C++), or if you have further questions, contact LabSmith support.