Students assembling coflow demonstration

For over a decade, LabSmith has been making microfluidic tools used in top research labs around the world. As part of an NSF-sponsored SBIR grant, we are now making these tools available for high-school and undergraduate programs.

Our Microfluidics Education Toolkits will include a modular array of microfluidic control instruments and sensors, interactive software, and curriculum packages to help educators teach engineering skills along with real-world techniques in biology, chemistry, and microfluidics.

The toolkits will allow students to build an array of designs, from simple manually-operated flow-control experiments to fully-automated research-grade instruments, all on a classroom-sized budget. The interactive software and easy-to-follow instructions make getting started a snap, but also allow students to create devices beyond the textbook examples. See our online assembly and automation guide here.

We are looking for beta testers for Microfluidics Education Toolkits for the 2017-2018 school year. If you teach an advanced high-school STEM class and are looking to add hands-on training, please provide your contact information below to apply.


Completed Assembly of Demonstration

A student-assembled breadboard


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