Laser Control with the LC880

Many research experiments require the precise control of lasers. The LabSmith LC880 Programmable Experiment Controller handles all aspects of laser timing control, from simple pulsing to sequencing a 2-pulse experiment and beyond. In this application note, we will discuss how to implement a pulsed Nd:YAG laser control system using the LC880. We will expand the … Read more

Timing a Ballistics Experiment with the LC880

Many experiments require several processes to coincide with an event of unknown timing. Photographing a projectile in flight, for example, requires accurate coordination of the camera, sensors and flash lamps to capture a projectile of unknown speed. In this study, we examine various ways to control experiments of this nature using the LabSmith LC880 Programmable … Read more

Timing a Two-Pulse Experiment with the LC880

In the “Laser Control with the LC880” application note, we designed a laser control system using the LabSmith LC880 Programmable Logic Controller. In this application note, we’ll discuss two designs for a two-pulse experiment, in which two laser pulses illuminate a fluid to visualize its flow.