Basic Microfluidic Kit

Basic Microfluidic Education Kit

Assembly and Automation Instructions


The kit includes hardware, curriculum, step-by-step instructions, and online video tutorials.  Students can use the kits to create a controller to flow liquids across a microfluidic chip. The demonstration is simpler than many of the full-instrument applications we will be adding in the 2017-2018 school year, however the core fluid delivery setup is a starting point for many advanced applications and the assembly and automation principles learned are applicable for these advanced applications. While curriculum for the more advanced kits will include engineering, computer science, biology, and chemistry applications, this curriculum  focuses on instrument assembly and computer automation.

The step-by-step instructions show students how to:

  1. Assemble microfluidic circuits and attach to breadboard.
  2. Connect to software.
  3. Create an automated program to control fluid flow.
  4. Observe flow on chip.

Click here to access the online version of step-by-step instructions, or download a pdf of the instruction set here.

The automation instructions use our uProcess software. Click here to download the software.