Timing and Synchronization


8-Channel Experimental Timing Controller LC880

LabSmith’s LC880 Programmable Experiment Controller coordinates, integrates and synchronizes complicated physical experiments, simply and affordably. With 8 timing channels, logic integration, unique timing modes and 10 ns resolution, the LC880 … Read more

2-Channel Experimental Timing Controller LC220

The two channel LC220 integrates and synchronizes complex physical experiments. Featuring logic-based triggering and timing modes unavailable in any other system, the LC220 is a smarter digital delay generator, for authoritative … Read more

16 -Channel Experimental Timing Controller TT1680

LabSmith’s TT1680 coordinates the timing and synchronization of the most demanding applications. With 16 inputs, 16 timing processors, two logic stages and eight outputs, the TT1680 outperforms a rack full … Read more