uProcess Platform

LabSmith’s uProcess automation platform automates microfluidic flows. Coordinate up to 128 uProcess devices, with small-footprint manifolds, and breadboards with built-in electrical connectivity and mounting points.

Microfluidic Automation - uProcess EIB Electronic Interface

uProcess Automation Interface EIB200

uProcess interface with USB communication.  Controls over 100 uDevices for sequential operation and up to 10 uDevices for simultaneous operation. Includes uProcess software, power supply, micro USB 2.0 cable, and … Read more

Breadboard - uProcess uPB8 Breadboard

uProcess Breadboards

Optional platform for mounting uProcess automation products and CapTite microfluidic components, including: AV-Series automated valves, MV-Series manual valves, BBRES breadboard reservoirs, and CapTite Interconnects. uProcess devices that interface with uProcess … Read more

Breadboard - uProcess iBB breadboard

uProcess iBB Breadboard with Cutout for Inverted Microscope

uProcess breadboard with 8 device connections and 1″ x 3″ cutout for chip viewing via inverted microscope. Mounts to LabSmith SVM340 microscope.  Custom size/shape cutouts available, please contact LabSmith for … Read more