Thermal Control

Reliable cooling and heating to maintain temperature in microfluidic experiments. Use in conjunction with uProcess sensors for automated temperature control.

LabSmith uProcess microfluidic automation temperature sensor

uProcess Temperature Sensor uTS

LabSmith uTS-series temperature sensors.  The uTS can be used alone for on-chip or in-fluid temperature monitoring, or with the uTE-series thermal-electric module for complete temperature control. Controlled using the LabSmith uProcess software suite, the uTS and uTE precision thermal management products are a perfect compliment to LabSmith’s complete  monitoring and control of microfluidic systems.  Temperature range: … Read more

Thermal Control Starter Kit

The Thermal Control Starter Kit lets you precisely heat and cool their micro-system using the uProcess software.  The uThermal products interface with the rest of the LabSmith uProcess™ product line, which includes syringe pumps, automated valves, pressure sensors and connectors for complete microfludic control. The kit includes a 5% discount off individual component prices. The uProcess™ product … Read more

LabSmith uTE thermal electric modules for microfluidic temperature control

uProcess Thermal-Electric Module uTE

LabSmith uTE-series thermal-electric module.  The uTE module is used for heating or cooling your microfluidic application. The module can be coupled with a uTS temperature sensor for precision thermal monitoring and control using LabSmith’s uProcess software.  Other uProcess devices include the SPS01 syringe pumps, AV-series automated valves, and uPS pressure sensors.  Maximum temperature: 130° C … Read more

uProcess microfluidic automation power manifold 4PM01

uProcess Power Manifold 4PM01

Power manifold for automatable and closed-loop control of up to 4 uTE thermal-electric modules or other loads using the LabSmith uProcess microfluidic control software. Includes 4 flat flex ribbon cables (1 x 8″, 2 x 10″, 1 x 12″). Voltage range: –5 to 5 VCurrent range: -4 to 4 AMaximum Power: 15 W Dimensions: 2.1″ x 1.0″ … Read more

Heat Sink

Black anodized aluminum heat sink for use with uTE Thermal Electric Modules. Choose from two sizes. Adhesive backing.   Part Number Size (mm) HS-0808 8.9 x 8.9 x 5 HS-2020 20 x 20 x 5   A uTS temperature sensor is recommended for monitoring and control of the uTE module. Typically ships within 2-3 days. Quantity Discounts … Read more