Syringe Pumps

uProcess Programmable syringe pumps provide highly reliable fluid delivery. Highly compact and breadboard-mounted, SPS01 syringe pumps minimize tubing length and maximizing layout flexibility.


uProcess Syringe Pump SPS01

SPS01 syringe pump enables automated, coordinated dispensing of microfluidic volumes. Includes 1 syringe glass and plunger set. Requires an EIB200 interface controller for communicating with PC.   Connects to capillary or tubing … Read more

Microfluidics kit - Syringe Starter Kit for uProcess microfluidics automation, pump microfluidic volumes

Syringe Starter Kit

The Syringe Starter Kit includes everything you need to incorporate a uProcess programmable syringe pump into your microfluidic setups. The kit includes a 5% discount off individual component prices. The uProcess™ … Read more

Microfluidics kit - Continuous Dispense Syringe Kit - uProcess Automation

Continuous Dispense Syringe Kit

The uProcess™ product line is a modular breadboard platform for researchers to create and control microfluidic circuits, prototypes and platforms. The uProcess™ software allows the user to program sequences of … Read more

Syringe Glass & Plunger Set SG

Syringe glass and plunger set for use in the SPS01 programmable syringe pump.  Connects to capillary or tubing using via one-piece fitting (not included).  Part Number Volume Tubing Compatibility SG-004-C360 … Read more

SPS-TOOLS Syringe/Plunger Installation Tools

Syringe/plunger installation tools for SPS01 automated syringe pump. Includes hex tool for syringe plunger removal/installation and hex wrench to secure syringe glass.