uProcess sensors are ideal for monitoring and controlling pressure and temperature in microfluidic circuits. uProcess software enables automation based on sensor feedback. Add a thermal-electric module to precisely control temperature.

uProcess microfluidic automation Pressure Sensor uPS0800-T116-10

uProcess Pressure Sensor uPS

LabSmith uPS-series pressure sensors. The uPS can be installed in any LabSmith CapTite™ fitting and is ideal for accurate, low-dead volume pressure monitoring and control of microfluidic systems.  The uPS-series pressure sensors are … Read more

LabSmith uProcess microfluidic automation temperature sensor

uProcess Temperature Sensor uTS

LabSmith uTS-series temperature sensors.  The uTS can be used alone for on-chip or in-fluid temperature monitoring, or with the uTE-series thermal-electric module for complete temperature control. Controlled using the LabSmith uProcess … Read more

uProcess microfluidic automation sensor manifold 4AM01

uProcess Analog Sensor Manifold 4AM01

Analog sensor manifold for controlling up to 4 uPS pressure sensors and/or uTS temperature sensors using the LabSmith uProcess software. Includes 4 flat flex ribbon cables (1 x 8″, 2 x … Read more

Pressure Sensor Starter Package

Pressure Sensor Starter Kit

The uProcess™ product line is a modular breadboard platform for researchers to create and control microfluidic circuits, prototypes and platforms. The uProcess™ software allows the user to program sequences of … Read more