uProcess Automated Pumps, Valves & Sensors

uProcess™ is a suite of hardware and software that simplifies construction of microfluidic systems. uProcess devices control and automate all aspects of your experiment, including fluid flow, pressure, temperature, and voltage. uProcess scripting software coordinates them all, for an unprecedented level of control in an easy-to-learn environment.

uProcess Programmable syringe pumps provide highly reliable fluid delivery. Highly compact and breadboard-mounted, SPS01 syringe pumps minimize tubing length and maximizing layout flexibility.
uProcess sensors are ideal for monitoring and controlling pressure and temperature in microfluidic circuits. uProcess software enables automation based on sensor feedback. Add a thermal-electric module to precisely control temperature.
Reliable cooling and heating to maintain temperature in microfluidic experiments. Use in conjunction with uProcess sensors for automated temperature control.
Programmable high voltage control for electrophoresis, gel electrophoresis and more. Use with uProcess software for highly configurable, automated experiments.
LabSmith’s uProcess automation platform automates microfluidic flows. Coordinate up to 128 uProcess devices, with small-footprint manifolds, and breadboards with built-in electrical connectivity and mounting points.
Capillary and tubing for building microfluidic circuits. Construct experiments using 360um, 1/32″ tubing, or 1/16″ tubing. Other sizes also available.
CapTite™ fluid routing connectors provide leak-free connectivity, even at high pressures, with low dead-volume, easy cleaning, and long life over multiple runs. For 360μm capillary, 1/32″ & 1/16″ tubing.
All the tools and supplies you need for building microfluidic circuits using CapTite and uProcess components. Includes installation wrenches, adhesives, Torx drivers, screws and hardware, chip clamps, and more.