Tubing and Capillary

Capillary and tubing for building microfluidic circuits. Construct experiments using 360 um capillary, 1/32″ tubing, or 1/16″ tubing. Other sizes also available.

Microfluidic Tubing - PEEK 1/32" OD tubing

1/32″ OD Tubing

PEEK Tubing. 1/32″ [790 um] OD; 0.01″ [250um] ID. 1m length. P/N: TUBE132-010P   See more CapTite microfluidic connector products.

Microfluidic tubing -  1/16" OD Tubing, PEEK

1/16″ OD Tubing

PEEK Tubing, 1/16″ [1.59 mm] OD. 1m length. Choose from TUBE116-010P (250um ID) and TUBE116-030P (750um ID). See more CapTite microfluidic connector products.

360um capillary tubing

360um OD Capillary Tubing

360um [0.014″] OD capillary tubing, 1 m length.  Available sizes and materials:  Part Number OD ID Material CAP360-150P 360 um 150 um PEEK CAP360-100S 360 um 100 um Fused Silica CAP360-150S 360 um 150 um Fused Silica CAP360-250S 360 um 250 um Fused Silica             NOTE: The fused silica capillary is externally … Read more

Microfluidic Tubing - FEP Fluorotherm 1/16" OD Tubing

1/16″ OD FEP (Fluorotherm) Tubing

Transparent fluoropolymer (FEP) tubing, 1/16″ OD, 1/32″ ID.  1 meter length.

Microfluidic tubing - 1/8" OD silicone tubing

1/8″ OD Silicone Tubing

1/16″ ID. 1/8″ OD High-purity white Silicone Rubber Tubing, 1m length. Use with Male Mini-Luer Fluid Connectors.

Microfluidic Silicone Tubing

Silicone Tubing 0.76 mm ID (P/N 10000031)

Silicone tubing. Former P/N: 29-0610-0000-08. ID: 0.76 mm. OD: 1.65 mm.  Qty 1 m.

Microfluidic microtubes (microtubing)

Microtubes (P/N 10000032)

PTFE Microtubes. Former P/N: 29-0803-0000-16. ID: 0.5 mm. OD: 1.0 mm. Material PTFE. Qty 1 m.

Microfluidic silicone tubing

Silicone tubing 0.5mm ID (P/N 10000033)

Silicone tube. Former P/N: 29-0611-0000-08. ID: 0.5 mm. OD: 2.5 mm. Qty 1 m.

Capillary tubing cutting stone

Capillary Cutting Stone

Cutting stone for cutting fused-silica capillary. Note: the cutting stone will not cut PEEK capillary or tubing. For PEEK capillary or tubing, we recommend using a sharp blade.