Microfluidic Construction Kits

Everything you need to build reliable, leak-free, manually driven microfluidic circuits. Test concepts, develop products, or learn the craft of microfluidics—all at a very affordable price.

Microfluidics education kit from LabSmith - teach microfluidics, learn microfluidics

Education Kit

Teach Microfluidics with Easy-to-Use Components and Automation LabSmith’s microfluidics education kit helps students learn the fundamentals of constructing and automating microfluidic flows.   Learn more about the LabSmith Education Kit … Read more

LabSmith's Single User microfluidics kit provides all of the components you need to experiment, prototype and educate in microfluidic.

Single User Kit

The Single User kit includes an excellent assortment of reusable microfluidic components to build manually controlled microfluidic systems.  This basic construction kit is the best value for CapTite fittings, offering an … Read more

Microfluidics kit - capillary interface kit

Capillary Interface Kit

The best value for CapTite fittings, including all the components needed for various applications. Prices include an overall 5% discount in addition to normal quantity discounts. Description360 um Kit1/32″ Kit1/16″ … Read more

Chip Interface Kit

The Chip Interface Kit includes all the CapTite™ fittings, ferrules, reservoirs and tubing you need to construct microfluidic circuits, as well as the chip-to-world interface components for leak-free connection to … Read more