Reservoirs, Filters & Cartridges

Breadboard-mounted microfluidic fittings, including storage reservoirs, separation cartridges and filter holders.

Microfluidic cartridge

CapTite Cartridge

Reusable PEEK™ column for customizable packing and easy sample preparation. Includes four 10um polyester sample filters and two one-piece fittings. Available volumes: 50ul (uCTG-50-C360), 100ul (uCTG-100-C360), and 150ul (uCTG-150-C360). Compatible with 360um OD capillary. See more CapTite microfluidic connector products. Packing Instructions for CapTite microfluidic cartridge.

Microfluidic connectors - CapTite filter holder

CapTite Filter Holder

PEEK™ connector for holding filter – can be used with a variety of filters including 3M™ Empore™ solid phase extraction filters (not included). For 360um OD capillary (uFilter-360).  Two one-piece fittings required for connection to capillary (not included). See more CapTite microfluidic connector products. CapTite filter holder instructions

10um Mesh Polyester Filters, 6mm diameter

Set of 4 polyester filters with 10um diameter holes for CapTite refillable cartridges or uFilter-360 filter holder.

Microfluidic Breadboard Reservoirs - Captite

CapTite Breadboard Reservoir

Reusable PEEK™ Reservoirs available in two sizes. BBRES-1ML 1.1 mL reservoir with sealable cap. Includes four ports for direct connection to capillary or tubing (three in reservoir and one in cap). Cap seals with Viton® o-ring (two included) for vacuum or pressure applications. Max pressure 1800 kPa (250 psi). BBRES-5ML 5 mL reservoir with push on … Read more

hew wrench, 1/8" - LabSmith

Hex Wrench, 1/8″

1/8″ hex wrench for installing one-piece fittings and plugs.