Ferrules, Plugs & Adapters

Reusable ferrules, plugs, and tubing adapters to connect CapTite and uProcess components to 360μm capillary, or 1/32″ & 1/16″ tubing.

CapTite microfluidic one-piece fitting - 360 micron capillary, 1/32" tubing, 1/16" tubing

CapTite One-Piece Fitting (Ferrule)

One-Piece fittings (one-piece ferrules) provide fast, leak-free connections between capillary/tubing and CapTite™ microfluidic routing components. PEEK™.  Available for 360µm OD capillary (C360-100), 1/32″ OD tubing (T132-100), and 1/16″ OD tubing (T116-100). … Read more

CapTite microfluidic plug fitting - 360um capillary, 1/32" tubing

CapTite One-Piece Plug

One-Piece plug for plugging ports of CapTite microfluidic connectors and uProcess microfluidic automation components. C360-101 plug can be used in any -C360 or -T132 port.  T116-101 plug can be used … Read more

Microfluidic connector, LabSmith CapTite microfluidic adapter, 360 micron capillary, 1/32" tubing and 1/16" tubing

CapTite Two-Piece Adapter

For adapting a CapTite™ component to a different microfluidic tubing size. Material: PEEK™. . T116-A360: used to attach 360µm OD capillary to a component with a T116 female port.T116-A132: used to attach 1/32″ OD tubing … Read more