Chip Hardware

Hardware, epoxy and kits for securely connecting microfluidic chips to microfluidic circuits.

CapTite Bonded-Port Connectors for 360 um or 1/32" OD capillary (C360-400 or T132-400)

CapTite Bonded-Port Connector

Bonds to port on chip for capillary-chip interface. Compatible with ~1mm port size. Material: Ultem®.  C360-400 interfaces to 360µm OD capillary via C360-100 one-piece fitting (not included) or to chip reservoir. C360-400S … Read more

Microfluidics - LabSmith CapTite Chip Reservoirs shown mounted to bonded port connectors (C360-400) on a chip.

CapTite Chip Reservoir

Threads into Bonded Port Connector to provide fluid reservoir. Also interfaces with luer tip syringe for low pressure connection to syringe. P/N: C360-405R. Volume: 85µl.  Material: PEEK™. C360-405R drawing Quantity … Read more

Chip Interface Kit

The Chip Interface Kit includes all the CapTite™ fittings, ferrules, reservoirs and tubing you need to construct microfluidic circuits, as well as the chip-to-world interface components for leak-free connection to … Read more

Microfluidic chip clamp secures microfluidic chip to breadboard

Chip Clamps

Set of 4. Use the BB-Chip Clamps to secure the microfluidic chip to the integrated breadboard (iBB) or LS-600-CH breadboard. P/N: BB-Chip_Clamps

Epoxy Adhesive, 12ml

12ml two-part high-strength epoxy adhesive (3M™ DP420) for attaching bonded-port connectors to chip.  glass, metal and plastic bonding room temperature cure 20 minute work life, 2 hours set, 24 hours … Read more