Breadboards and Accessories

Breadboards let you quickly construct microfluidic circuits using CapTite fittings and fixtures, and uProcess microfluidic automation components

Breadboard - standard breadboard LS600

Standard Breadboard

4″ x 6″ platform for mounting CapTite microfluidic components. 0.25″ hole spacing for mounting fluid circuit components. Suitable for all tubing sizes. Secure components to breadboard using 2-28 self-tapping screws. Use 1/4″ long screws to mount valves and breadboard reservoirs; 1/2″ long screws for mounting interconnects. LS-600-CH includes a 1″ x 3″ cutout for mounting and viewing … Read more

Breadboard - uProcess uPB8 Breadboard

uProcess Breadboards

Optional platform for mounting uProcess automation products and CapTite microfluidic components, including: AV-Series automated valves, MV-Series manual valves, BBRES breadboard reservoirs, and CapTite Interconnects. uProcess devices that interface with uProcess breadboard connectors include: EIB200 Automation Interface, SPS01 Syringe Pump, 4VM02 Valve Manifold, 4AM01 Sensor Manifold, 4PM01 Power Manifold. Available with 5, 8, or 12 device … Read more

Breadboard - uProcess iBB breadboard

uProcess iBB Breadboard with Cutout for Inverted Microscope

uProcess breadboard with 8 device connections and 1″ x 3″ cutout for chip viewing via inverted microscope. Mounts to LabSmith SVM340 microscope.  Custom size/shape cutouts available, please contact LabSmith for pricing. See more uProcess microfluidic automation products. Download the uProcess Microfluidic Automation System Brochure.

Microfluidics breadboard with cutout for microscope imaging LS-600-CH

Breadboard With Cut-Out for Microscope Imaging

4″ x 6″ breadboard for mounting CapTite microfluidic components. Includes a 1″ x 3″ cutout for mounting and viewing a slide or microfluidic chip with the SVM340 synchronized video microscope. Mounts to SVM340 breadboard sample stage (A-SVM-STAGE-BB). 

Removable top stage for integrating microfluidic breadboards (LS-600-CH or iBB) SVM340 microscope

Microscope Top Stage for Use with LabSmith Breadboards

Sample stage for coupling LabSmith breadboards (iBB or LS600-CH) with the SVM340 microscope.

Microfluidic Breadboard Reservoirs - Captite

CapTite Breadboard Reservoir

Reusable PEEK™ Reservoirs available in two sizes. BBRES-1ML 1.1 mL reservoir with sealable cap. Includes four ports for direct connection to capillary or tubing (three in reservoir and one in cap). Cap seals with Viton® o-ring (two included) for vacuum or pressure applications. Max pressure 1800 kPa (250 psi). BBRES-5ML 5 mL reservoir with push on … Read more

LabSmith LS-TORX Torx driver (Torx wrench)

LS-TORX Driver

T7 TORX driver for installing breadboard screws.

iBB tools


Breadboard mounting hardware and tools. Includes TORX wrench, hex wrench, screws for mounting 10 valves or reservoirs and 5 interconnects to breadboard, plus 4 chip clips and 4 electrode clips for mounting chips and electrodes to one of the uProcess (uPB or iBB) breadboards or CapTite breadboards.

breadboard electrode cable clip (BB-ECLIP08)  for high voltage cables

Breadboard Electrode Clips

Pack of 4 electrode clips for mounting up to 8 electrode cables (HVC high voltage cables or any 0.125″ diameter cables) on a microfluidic breadboard. P/N: BB-ECLIPS   Use breadboard electrode clips (BB-ECLIPS08) to secure HVC high voltage cables from the HVS448 High Voltage Sequencer to a fluidic breadboard for secure application of electric fields … Read more

LS-SCREWS .50: Interconnect Mounting Screw and Standoff Set (LS-SCREWS.50)

LS-SCREWS .50: Interconnect Mounting Screw and Standoff Set

Set of 10 thread-forming screws (2-28 x 1/2”) and 10 standoffs to mount 5 interconnects to breadboard.

LS-SCREWS .25: Valve/Reservoir Mounting Screw Set

LS-SCREWS .25: Valve/Reservoir Mounting Screw Set

Set of 20 thread-forming screws (2-28 x 1/4”) to mount 10 valves or reservoirs to breadboard.