CapTite™ Microfluidic Components

CapTite™ fluid routing connectors and fittings take the hassle out of constructing microfluidic circuits. Providing leak-free connectivity, even at high pressures, CapTite components are designed for low dead-volume, easy cleaning, and long life over multiple runs. For experimental and OEM applications, in 360μm capillary, 1/32″ & 1/16″ tubing.

Reusable ferrules, plugs, and tubing adapters to connect CapTite and uProcess components to 360μm capillary, or 1/32″ & 1/16″ tubing.
Compact, reusable, cost-effective interconnects. Unions, tees, crosses, wyes and adapters make it easy to build, and rebuild, microfluidic circuits.
Breadboard-mounted microfluidic fittings, including storage reservoirs, separation cartridges and filter holders.
Manually-switched selector and injector valves. Low swept volume, compatible with a range of chemicals. Connect to 1/32” or 1/16” tubing, or 360 µm capillary, using CapTite one-piece fittings. Automatic valves also available.
Microfluidic Luer tip and Luer-Lok manual syringes and fittings to connect to Luer style components
Capillary and tubing for building microfluidic circuits. Construct experiments using 360um, 1/32″ tubing, or 1/16″ tubing. Other sizes also available.
Hardware, epoxy and kits for securely connecting microfluidic chips to microfluidic circuits.
All the tools and supplies you need for building microfluidic circuits using CapTite and uProcess components. Includes installation wrenches, adhesives, Torx drivers, screws and hardware, chip clamps, and more.