Microfluidic Flow & Automation

LabSmith microfluidic products make it easy to build and re-build simple and complex microfluidic setups. CapTite™ fluid routing components provide leak-free connectivity over multiple runs. uProcess hardware and software provide simple, straightforward automation of flow, temperature, pressure and voltage. Choose from a wide variety of microfluidic chips and accessories to complete your experimental setup.

CapTite™ fluid routing connectors and fittings take the hassle out of constructing microfluidic circuits. Providing leak-free connectivity, even at high pressures, CapTite components are designed for low dead-volume, easy cleaning, and long life over multiple runs. For experimental and OEM applications, in 360μm capillary, 1/32″ & 1/16″ tubing.
uProcess™ is a suite of hardware and software that simplifies construction of microfluidic systems. uProcess devices control and automate all aspects of your experiment, including fluid flow, pressure, temperature, and voltage. uProcess scripting software coordinates them all, for an unprecedented level of control in an easy-to-learn environment.
Everything you need to build microfluidic circuits — at a significant savings over purchasing individual components. Choose from microfluidic kits for manual operation or for easy-to-program automation.
LabSmith is a US distributor for Microfluidic ChipShop. We also offer a broad line of on-chip accessories to make storing and routing fluids convenient and economical.
Capillary and tubing for building microfluidic circuits. Construct experiments using 360 um capillary, 1/32″ tubing, or 1/16″ tubing. Other sizes also available.