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Lab-on-a-Chip uProcess™ Application: Continuous Dispensing

By Kirsten Pace and Yolanda Fintschenko, LabSmith, Inc. on October 29, 2012.

Particularly in biological experiments, it is necessary to deliver fluid at flow rates of ≤ 1μl/min over experiment times of hours to days.  As a result, a relatively large total volume is dispensed to the experiment, sometimes as much as 1-10 ml. In lab-on-a-chip experiments, a small overall experimental platform is often desired. This creates the challenge of finding a small form factor syringe pump and valve system with the desired microliter or sub-microliter flow rate accuracy and ability to deliver a large enough volume to last for the entire experiment. LabSmith uProcess automated fluid routing system now meets this challenge with the new four port, two-position valves (AV202-C360). With the new AV202-C360 valves, an automated uProcess™ program sequence controls the withdrawal of reagent to fill one syringe and the simultaneous dispensing of fluid to the experiment by a second syringe pump, switching between full and empty syringes for uninterrupted fluid delivery at precise, low flow rates. The required components, board layout, uProcess program, operating parameters, and results are described here.