LabSmith Applications

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Lab-on-a-Chip Application: Circulating Tumor Cell Immuncapture Automation

By Julia Wang, Erica D. Pratt, and Brian J. Kirby, Cornell University on September 21, 2012.

The manipulation of biological samples for diagnostic purposes requires reproducibility and simplicity to be useful in practice. As microfluidic devices transition towards use in medical diagnostics, traditional handheld syringe pumps can be too bulky and laborious for medical procedures that require quick turnaround times. Here, we discuss the evaluation of a portable breadboard platform that includes a microfluidic device for detection of prostate cancer through cell capture technology. The breadboard platform from LabSmith included uProcess™ software, an SPS01 miniaturized programmable syringe pump and CapTite™ manual valve and connectors. In addition to comparable performance, the LabSmith pump, valve, and connectors allow for accurate and automated sample loading, a valuable feature in clinical settings. The LabSmith pump and related components can also be mounted on to the LabSmith breadboard, creating a stable diagnostic system in any desired orientation. These features make the LabSmith miniaturized pump an effective and convenient addition to any microfluidicdevice in both experimental and clinical settings.