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Labsmith Introduces uProcess™ Suite of Automation Products for Microfluidics Applications at microTAS 2011 Meeting

By sarah on October 3, 2011.

LabSmith, Inc., developer of tools for science, has introduced uProcess™, a system of software and hardware products designed to simplify construction and control of microfluidic systems. The uProcess system consists of uDevices for automating microfluidic circuits, and uProcess software which provides a simple interface for configuring and controlling uDevices.

Microsoft Windows-based uProcess software provides straightforward control of all uDevices, from simple setups to complex lab automation with dozens of devices. With uProcess users can generate automated scripts for unprecedented flexibility in delivering and routing nanoliter and microliter volumes.

Automated uDevices include the SPS01 Programmable Syringe Pump, which delivers total volumes from 5 uL to 100 microliters, with resolution as low as 50 nanoliters per minute. Small-footprint AV201 Automated Selector Valves provide 2-position, 3-port switching, with zero dead volumes and swept volumes of either 130 or 520 nl, depending on tubing size.

All uDevices are fully compatible with LabSmith’s CapTite™ microfluidic interconnect products* for building and rebuilding micro- and nano-fluidic circuits. uProcess Breadboards provide electrical and communications connections as well as physical mounting points to simplify circuit construction.

uDevices and uProcess

LabSmith automated uDevices and uProcess software provide simple, automated control for delivering micro- and nanofluidic volumes. A high resolution version of this photo is enclosed.