Modular, breadboardable components combine for a microfluidics workstation.

LabSmith’s modular instruments and microconnectors combine into a LabPackage for a complete system for micro- and nano-fluidics experimentation.

Simple, straightforward automated routing of microfluidic volumes.

Breadboard-based uProcess™ automated syringe pumps, valves, CapTite™ microfluidic connectors and components for tubing and lab-on-a-chip microfluidic platforms.

Zero dead volume connectors for small volume fluidic interfaces.

CapTite™ microconnectors are a toolkit for creating breadboardable  tubing-to-tubing or tubing-to-microfluidic chip fluid circuits for nanoliter to microliter scale experiments.

Precise, programmable high voltage supply and current sensing.

LabSmith’s HVS448 Series Programmable Eight-Channel High Voltage Sequencers source and sense current and voltage, switching functions many times per minute to control microfluidics experiments.

Low cost, high-resolution video and image capture, processing and analysis.

SVM340 inverted fluorescence video microscope for microfluidics and microbiology. The camera moves so your experiment doesn’t.

Latest News

New 8000 V High Voltage Sequencer

Need faster, higher-resolution separations? Need to use long micro-channels? LabSmith’s HVS448 high voltage sequencers are now available with an 8000 V differential […]

Featured Applications

Lab-on-a-Chip uProcess™ Application: Continuous Dispensing

Particularly in biological experiments, it is necessary to deliver fluid at flow rates of ≤ 1μl/min over experiment times of hours […]

Featured Product

Epifluorescence Optics Modules

LabSmith’s EPI series epifluorescence camera modules are designed for applications that require greater wavelength discrimination and increased signal–‐to–‐noise (SNR), such […]

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